Ryoho Teacher Training

Feburary to November 2021 | Online Lectures + Classes | Onsite Retreats

Teacher Training Prospectus

If you are interested in joining the reputable Ryoho Teacher community and receiving the best possible training for both face to face and digital yoga delivery then please contact us for a full prospectus.

Ryoho Yoga

Ryoho was developed in the early 1980’s as a unique modality of yoga therapy based on the sophisticated combination of traditional Indian Hatha yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Theory, the Meridian-Based Healing Arts of China and Japan, Transcendental Meditation and Breathing Techniques, Medicinal Nutrition and Shiatsu Treatments.

Ryoho Accredited with IYTA

Ryoho yoga is accredited world wide with IYTA 500hrs and provides the highest quality yoga teacher training.

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Duration: February to November 2021

The lectures will run from the beginning of February 2021 till the end of November 2021. In 2022, students will continue to have free access to classes and Q&A sessions in order to perfect their teaching skills and knowledge.

Commitment Required

Minimum of 3 classes per week + 3 face to face retreats including a fasting retreat, practical review and assessment. Classes and lectures are recorded and will be made available to you, to attend and review when convenient.

Andzej Gospodarczyk, Founder, Ryoho

Andzej is the Master Ryoho Yoga Teacher and regularly teaches yoga either in his own practice or as a part of the Ryoho Visiting Master Program, when invited by Yoga Schools or Retreats all over the world. In addition he runs Ryoho Yoga Retreats aligned to the Seasons and Supervised Fasting Retreats.

Andzej’s education has involved extensive travel and training with elite far eastern health practitioners in Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, the USA and Europe in the 1970’s. He is a guest speaker and author. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON RYOHO WELLNESS

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